Pretty Mir of Woulda Could Shoulda talks about the TV show Bridezillas.

Our first bride explains that she IS a princess and she will be treated as such. Her wedding day is ALL ABOUT HER and it’s her way or the highway.

“Highway, please!” said Kira.

“How do you suppose they GET these women, I mean find them, and then get their consent to be taped? I mean, do you think they tell them that they’re from a show called BRIDEZILLAS or do they say they’re making a documentary about weddings or what?” I asked her.

“I think,” said Kira, holding up a finger for emphasis, and putting on a very serious face indeed, “That they call them up and tell them that they are making a show about PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESSES and that they heard that SHE was the PRETTIEST PRINCESS OF THEM ALL. And then it goes from there.”

Read the rest here. You won’t regret it!

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